“Noise is an invention of the devil, which subjects some condemned souls to hell, to the intense torture of enduring it relentlessly.”

Dante Aligheri

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The laboratory has been registered since 2013 in the Registry of Construction Quality Control Testing Laboratories of the Junta of Andalusia with the alphanumeric code AND-L-134.

It is competent for meeting the requirements of Royal Decree 410 of March 31, which establishes the requirements for building quality control entities and testing laboratories for building quality control, for the exercise of its activity as it is registered in the General Registry of Testing Laboratories for Building Quality Control-LEcce of the CTE (Technical Building Code).

It is competent for conducting acoustic tests related to actions subject to unified environmental authorization or integrated environmental authorization, as it meets the conditions of Article 3 and 45 of D6/2012, included in RD410.

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We provide consultancy services to technical drafters of building and activity projects, offering advice on the best solutions for acoustic insulation and conditioning of spaces.

It is a feedback relationship in which Entremedianeras responds to and proposes solutions to the requirements of the project designers.

The outcome is a document that meets acoustic requirements, directly monitored by the drafting team.

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Acoustic Audit

In the project phase:

Entremedianeras conducts acoustic audits for building and activity projects. These audits result in reports of predictive values that would be obtained with the proposed solutions and their compliance with current legislation.

In completed works:

Tests are performed to determine the actual acoustic insulation and conditioning of the building and its compliance with current legislation.

It is essential to assess the acoustic conditioning of specific spaces.